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Lalal.ai is an AI-powered tool designed for audio and video professionals, offering advanced features for splitting stems, removing vocals, and cleaning up audio tracks. Its main purpose is to provide users with high-quality audio processing capabilities,...
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AI Composer for Emotion-Based Soundtracks.Aiva is an AI composer that specializes in creating emotion-based soundtracks for a variety of creative projects, including games, films, and videos. The tool offers a user-friendly interface with preset styles and...

AI Music Generator

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The AI Music Generator (AMG) is a cutting-edge tool that enables users to create audio clips by simply describing them in words. It leverages Stable Diffusion for audio processing, ensuring high-quality output. Powered by Meta's AudioCraft...


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Mubert is an AI-powered music tool that generates royalty-free music tracks for various content platforms such as video, podcast, and online content. It offers four products - Mubert AI, Mubert Render, Mubert Studio, and Mubert API...


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Beatoven is an AI-powered tool designed for video and podcast creators to easily create unique and customizable royalty-free music for their content. It uses advanced AI music generation techniques to compose mood-based music that perfectly fits...


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Fliki is an AI-powered content creation tool designed to help users generate engaging and relevant content for their websites, blogs, or social media platforms.It uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to understand user input and...


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Boomy is an AI-powered music creation platform that allows users to easily create original music tracks without any prior music production experience. The main purpose of Boomy is to make it possible for anyone to create...


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Voicemod is a real-time voice changer and soundboard software that allows users to modify their voice in various ways during voice chats or while streaming. It is designed to add fun and creativity to online communication...

Songs Like X

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Songs Like X is an AI-driven tool for discovering new music similar to your favorite songs and artists. Its main purpose is to help users find and enjoy music that matches their personal tastes.To use...


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Musicfy is an AI tool that allows users to generate studio-quality vocals simply by typing lyrics, descriptions, or emotions. Moreover, they can also transform their own voices into different instruments and sounds. Musicfy's main purpose is...

Uberduck AI

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Uberduck is an AI platform for generating synthetic singing, rapping, and speech using text or audio inputs. The advanced AI can clone voices, create customized raps, convert between voices, and produce high-quality vocal audio.Uberduck allows anyone...

Leap AI

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Leap is an advanced AI platform designed to empower developers and creators by offering a robust solution to seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into their applications. With its cutting-edge API, Leap makes adding AI features like image...

Voicify AI

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Experience the future of music creation with Voicify AI. This revolutionary platform clones voices to generate studio-quality song covers sung by your favorite artists.Voicify's advanced neural networks analyze vocal tones, inflections and other auditory details to...

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