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Songs Like X is an AI-driven tool for discovering new music similar to your favorite songs and artists. Its main purpose is to help users find and enjoy music that matches their personal tastes.

To use Songs Like X, users simply enter a favorite track. The AI then analyzes its qualities and generates a playlist of recommendations with a comparable style, mood, genre, etc. The randomized playlists ensure fresh music discoveries.

  • Song Recommendations – Generates playlists of tracks similar to input songs.
  • Random Playlist Creation – Playlists are randomly generated to ensure uniqueness.
  • Simple Interface – Just enter a favorite song and the AI recommends similar ones.
  • Spotify Integration – Enables saving songs directly to Spotify playlists and queues.
  • Ad-Free Experience – A paid subscription removes ads for uninterrupted listening.
  • Advanced Filters – Refine recommendations with filters like genre, mood, release date, etc.
  • Share Playlists – Share generated playlists with friends and music enthusiasts.

Benefits of using Songs Like X

  • Personalized Discovery – Find music that caters to your unique taste instead of spending countless hours manually listening to and then adding songs to your playlists.
  • Continual Variety – Get refreshed recommendations every time.
  • New Artist Exposure – Discover up-and-coming and underrated artists.
  • Time Savings – AI does the work of curating recommendations.
  • Enhanced Engagement – Share and discuss playlists with others.

Use Cases

  • Discover New Music – Generate playlists to find songs and artists you’ll love.
  • Party Playlists – Create dynamic mixes for gatherings and parties that never get stale.
  • Complement Existing Playlists – Get AI-recommended additions to your personal playlists.
  • Understand Own Taste – Learn about your music taste by analyzing recommended songs.
  • Gift Suggestions – Share tailor-made playlists with friends based on their favorite artists.

Songs Like X Pricing

Songs Like X currently offers a free version with 20 recommendations per search. A paid Pro subscription unlocks advanced capabilities starting at an introductory price of $3/month.


With its AI-powered ability to deliver personalized and constantly refreshed music recommendations, Songs Like X aims to make discovering new songs and artists an exciting, simple process. It’s an indispensable music discovery assistant for both casual listeners and passionate music fans.



  • Input a favorite song/artist
  • Get recommended similar songs
  • Playlists created automatically
  • Randomized playlists - never duplicated
  • Sync with Spotify and other services
  • Free and paid subscription plans
  • Exclusive offers for early supporters

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