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Fliki is an AI-powered content creation tool designed to help users generate engaging and relevant content for their websites, blogs, or social media platforms.

It uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to understand user input and create high-quality content that resonates with the target audience.

This AI content creation tool is similar to other platforms such as D-ID.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered content generation: Fliki leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate high-quality content quickly. This feature enables users to create engaging and relevant content without spending hours on research and writing. The AI can also suggest ideas and topics based on user input, making content creation more efficient and effective.
  • SEO optimization suggestions: Fliki provides real-time suggestions to optimize content for search engines. This feature helps users improve the visiility of their content online, making it easier for their target audience to discover and engage with their content. By following Fliki’s SEO recommendations, users can increase their website traffic and improve their search engine rankings.

Price of Fliki:

Fliki offers a free plan with limited features. The standard plan starts at $21 per month, and the premium is $66 per month.

Use Cases:

  • Content creators looking to generate blog posts, articles, or social media posts quickly and efficiently
  • Digital marketers seeking to improve their content strategy and drive engagement
  • Website owners looking to enhance their SEO efforts with high-quality, relevant content


  1. Q: Can I use Fliki to generate content for commercial purposes?
    A: Yes, you can use Fliki to create content for commercial use.
  2. Q: Is Fliki compatible with all content management systems?
    A: Fliki is compatible with most popular content management systems, including WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace.


Fliki appears to be a promising AI-powered content creation tool. Its ability to generate content in various styles and tones, integrate with popular content management systems, and provide real-time collaboration and editing features make it a valuable tool for content creators and digital marketers. The pricing plans, starting at $21 per month, seem reasonable for the features offered



  • AI-powered content generation
  • Customizable content styles and tones
  • Integration with content management systems
  • Real-time collaboration and editing
  • SEO optimization suggestions
  • Image and video integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Analytics and performance tracking

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