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Uberduck is an AI platform for generating synthetic singing, rapping, and speech using text or audio inputs. The advanced AI can clone voices, create customized raps, convert between voices, and produce high-quality vocal audio.

Uberduck allows anyone to turn text and sounds into studio-quality vocal tracks with diverse voices and styles. The integrated beats and lyrics generation makes music creation accessible.

With Uberduck’s voice conversion technology, you can also alter existing audio to new voices while preserving linguistic style. The text-to-speech and speech cloning empower new applications such as creating bulk content for creators or using AI voices to make YouTube videos instead of doing voiceovers.

What Can You Do with Uberduck AI?

1. Text to Speech

Uberduck’s text-to-speech can generate natural-sounding vocal audio from any text input. Choose from dozens of languages and voices with different genders, ages, accents, and moods. Perfect for narration, explainer videos, announcing, and more.

2. Text to Singing & Rapping

Going beyond speech, Uberduck can synthesize singing and rapping vocals from the text. Built-in beats and lyrics generation through AI helps kickstart your music. The voice selection gives you creative options.

3. Voice Cloning & Conversion / Voice-to-Voice Conversion

Uberduck enables voice cloning to create custom vocal AI models. You can also convert between existing voices while retaining linguistic style and delivery through voice conversion technology. For instance, you can record your own voice and then change the vocals to AI models or your custom clone.

UberDuck Pricing:

Pricing Plans Uberduck offers free and paid plans suitable for personal to enterprise use cases. The free tier provides limited credits for testing. Paid plans unlock more voices, credits, priority rendering, and additional features. Custom enterprise plans are available. Here is a breakdown of Uberduck pricing and plans.

PlanBillingPriceKey Features
Free$0 forever300 credits/month, commercial use not allowed, private voice access
CreatorAnnual$9.99/month or $96/year3,600 credits/month, commercial use, private voice access, API access
EnterpriseMonthlyStarts at $500/monthCustom voice cloning, low latency, collaboration tools, 500K+ credits/month, support

With its advanced vocal AI synthesis for speech, song, and creation, Uberduck opens new horizons for working with audio. Turn writing into vocals at the click of a button.



  • Text to speech synthesis
  • Text to rap and singing
  • Voice cloning
  • Voice conversion
  • Lyrics and beats library
  • Downloads as audio or video
  • API access for developers
  • Free and paid plans

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Overall (4.5 out of 5)
Functionality (5 out of 5)
Design (4 out of 5)
Usability (5 out of 5)
Value for money (4 out of 5)
Initially, Uberduck was offering users the option to use the voices of artists and celebrities to easily generate music or voiceovers from text. Then, there were some lawsuits and now Uberduck has totally changed its platform to comply with copyright laws, etc. At this point, it is now focused on AI model voices and custom voice clones that users can generate using their own voice.Uberduck AI