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Instructions to Submit Your AI Tools

Please follow the guidelines below to successfully submit your AI Tools. These instructions are same regardless of the plan you choose.

  1. Create your account and select a subscription plan (There is a free plan as well which allows users to submit 1 AI tool). If you do not choose a subscription plan, our system is not able to accept the submissions.
  2. Wait for the subscription confirmation email. If you have received the email, Refresh the webpage or logout and log back in. 
  3. Add all the necessary details including the official name, logo, screenshots from the tool in action, etc.
  4. A detailed description which must include:
    – The main objective of the tool
    – Its value preposition and benefits
    – How to access and use your tool
    – Use Cases
    – Pricing details (whether it is free, paid, freemium, etc. along with monthly and yearly pricing plans if any 
  5. Your website URL starting from https://
  6. Contact Details

Your submission will automatically be sent to our team members for further verification. Our team will review your submission as soon as possible and publish it if everything is accurate and there is no spam. 

Submitting your AI tools via this page does not guarantee that we will publish your tool. Our team handpicks the tools that are submitted for publication to ensure quality of information we provide. If you want to make sure your tool gets published, please add all required details in a comprehensive manner.

AI Tool Details

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