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Experience the future of music creation with Voicify AI. This revolutionary platform clones voices to generate studio-quality song covers sung by your favorite artists.

Voicify’s advanced neural networks analyze vocal tones, inflections and other auditory details to build customizable voice models. Users can select from 3000+ models of icons like Ariana Grande, Drake and Freddie Mercury to produce shockingly realistic covers.

The process is simple – choose a Voicify AI model, drop the YouTube link to the original song that you want to use, and the AI handles the rest. In minutes, download an AI-powered track mimicking the real artist. Share your synthetic creations with a thriving community of over 1 million users. Therefore, it is also called the best AI song cover generator.

Voicify.ai also allows you to train custom voice models using your own singing or speaking samples. Therefore, you can clone yourself or friends to create personalized musical experiences.

Voicify AI Pricing

Voicify AI offers 3 premium plans for its users with different credit limits and the ability to create a custom model. Therefore, you can choose subscription plans to suit your needs:

Starter – €8.99/monthCreator – €24.99/monthPower User – €89.99/month
25 monthly creditsUnlimited creditsUnlimited credits
1 custom model5 custom models
Priority generation
Voicify.AI plans comparison table

Join the revolution in AI-powered music creation with Voicify. Unleash your favorite voices and turn any melody into a hit song instantly.

Is Voicify AI Free?

No, voicify AI does not offer any free plans. There are only 3 premium plans starting from €8.99 per month.

Is Voicify AI Legit?

Yes, Voicify AI is a legit ai music cover generation platform that can close your voice or the voice of your favorite AI artist. There are over 3000 models readily available and you can also check the community feed for covers shared by people that are generated using Voicify.ai.



  • 3000+ readymade voice models
  • Clone anyone's voice
  • Create AI-powered song covers
  • Custom voice model training
  • Share creations with community
  • Starter to high-volume plans
  • Safe and ethical AI practices

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