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Leap AI Review, Pricing, Demo

Leap AI

0 out of 5
Leap is an advanced AI platform designed to empower developers and creators by offering a robust solution to seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into their applications. With its cutting-edge API, Leap makes adding AI features like image...
Backgroundlol logo - Free ai cover generator

4 out of 5
Backgroundlol is a free online tool that generates fully customized AI wallpapers and cover photos in seconds. With an intuitive interface, you can input any keywords, themes, and visual elements to create a one-of-a-kind background.Whether you...
Namelix review, pricing, demo


5 out of 5
Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that helps entrepreneurs and startups create short, memorable, and brandable company names. It utilizes advanced language models to generate hundreds of creative name ideas that are unique, catchy, and...
eSpark logo


0 out of 5
eSpark is an adaptive supplemental curriculum for K-5 math and reading that uses AI to provide a personalized learning experience for each student. eSpark's playful activities engage students while helping them master standards at their own...
InferKit review, demo, and pricing


0 out of 5
InferKit is an AI text generator that focuses on sentence completion and generating text based on the user prompt. For instance, if you write "InferKit is among the best AI writing tools based on neural networks"...
Conch AI - AI Essay Writer for Students

Conch AI

3 out of 5
Conch AI enhances writing using advanced natural language processing. It helps authors research, outline, rewrite, and cite content through AI-powered productivity features.The intuitive interface lets writers get thoughts down quickly then improve sentence structure and grammar.... previously known as GooGPT


4 out of 5
GooGPT (currently known as takes search to the next level by combining the comprehensiveness of Google with the conversational clarity of ChatGPT. This free tool returns instant AI-generated explanations alongside standard search results, making finding...
Homeworkify - free tool for solving homework problems


4 out of 5
Homeworkify is an innovative AI platform providing free homework assistance for students of all levels. Its advanced natural language processing capabilities instantly generate detailed step-by-step solutions and explanations for any academic question or problem.Students simply enter...
Lexica AI logo


4 out of 5
Explore endless creative possibilities with Lexica, the revolutionary AI art generator that relies on Lexica Aperture and Stable Diffusion 1.5. As a result, Lexica allows users to create stunning customizable AI images from text prompts in...
PimEyes logo


5 out of 5
PimEyes is an online facial recognition search engine that finds images of faces across the web. It performs advanced reverse image searches using AI face matching technology.Using PimEyes, people can locate where their photos appear online...
Ad Creative AI: AI Ad Generator

0 out of 5 is an AI platform that generates high-performing ad creatives in seconds. The AI analyzes millions of top-converting ads to create new visuals optimized for your specific audience and goal.Users simply provide their target customer, product/service,...
voice ai logo - ai voice changer

Voice AI

5 out of 5
Transform how you sound with Voice AI, the most advanced real-time voice changer for PC. Its powerful AI instantly converts your voice into any character using advanced speech-to-speech conversion.The intuitive interface lets you explore Voice AI's...
Caktus AI logo

Caktus AI

0 out of 5
Caktus AI is an AI assistant designed to enhance learning for students and professionals. Its suite of educational tools leverages natural language processing to provide personalized aid with writing, math, coding, and more.For writing, Caktus AI...
profile picture ai: ai profile picture generator

Profile Picture AI

0 out of 5
ProfilePicture.AI revolutionizes profile photos through AI generation. Simply upload your picture and Profile Picture AI will create hundreds of stylized variants optimized for any use.Start by picking one of three packages:Small: 12 styles, 96 photos for...
neural love logo - free ai image generator


4.5 out of 5
Neural Love is a powerhouse of AI-powered tools which offers everything from AI art generation to AI avatars, video enhancement, audio enhancement, AI image quality enhancer, and even photo restoration. That means, whether you want to...
starryai logo


4.5 out of 5
StarryAi makes AI-powered art creation accessible to all. Simply describe your vision through text prompts and StarryAi will generate stunning corresponding imagery through advanced neural networks.With an intuitive mobile app, users can create limitless artwork in...
VEED IO logo


4 out of 5
VEED IO is an online video editor with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows anyone to enhance footage with animated text, custom branding, filters, transitions, and audio cleaning. It is like Canva, but specifically for video...
2short ai logo

2short AI

5 out of 5
Grow your audience and save time with 2short AI, the revolutionary platform that transforms long videos into captivating shorts using AI. 2short analyzes your existing YouTube videos and automatically extracts the most engaging segments. With just...
localio ai logo

Localio AI

4 out of 5
Localio AI is a powerful AI-powered copywriting software designed specifically for local businesses. It utilizes advanced AI technology to generate high-converting marketing copy, saving time and resources. Localio AI is developed by Adrian and Cristian, the...
NSFW character ai - for uncensored ai conversations

NSFW Character AI

0 out of 5
NSFW Character AI unlocks limitless possibilities for adult fantasy roleplay. This innovative platform lets users create and interact with customized AI personas in unrestricted NSFW conversations.To begin, describe your perfect character including physical attributes, personality traits,...


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