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Overview is an AI-powered tool designed for audio and video professionals, offering advanced features for splitting stems, removing vocals, and cleaning up audio tracks. Its main purpose is to provide users with high-quality audio processing capabilities, allowing them to extract vocals and instruments from audio and video files easily.

This AI-powered tool is similar to other platforms such as HeyGen.

Key Features:

  1. Stem Splitter:’s stem splitter feature can separate audio tracks into individual stems, such as vocals, instruments, and drums, allowing for greater control and flexibility in audio editing.
  2. Vocal Remover: The tool can extract vocals from audio tracks, enabling users to create karaoke versions of songs or remixes without vocals.
  3. Voice Cleaner: includes a voice cleaner that can remove unwanted noise and artifacts from audio tracks, improving the overall audio quality.
  4. Customizable Processing: Users can choose from various packages with different levels of processing time and input/output formats to suit their specific needs.
  5. Integration: can be integrated with other services through its API, allowing for seamless workflow integration and automation.

lala Pricing:

  • offers several packages with different pricing plans based on processing time and features.
  • Pricing details for each package can be found on the website.

Use Cases:

  • Music Production: can be used by music producers to remix songs, create karaoke tracks, or isolate specific instruments for sampling.
  • Video Editing: Video editors can use to remove background music or enhance the audio quality of their videos.
  • Podcasting: Podcasters can use to clean up audio recordings and remove background noise for a more professional sound.


  • Is suitable for beginners? is designed for audio and video professionals but can be used by beginners with some technical knowledge.
  • Can process video files? Yes, can process both audio and video files.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, is a powerful tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering advanced features for stem splitting, vocal removal, and voice cleaning. Its customizable processing options, integration capabilities, and ease of use make it a valuable asset for music producers, video editors, and podcasters looking to enhance their audio projects. While pricing may vary depending on the package chosen,’s innovative features and high-quality results make it a worthwhile investment for those in need of professional audio processing tools.



  • Stem Splitter
  • Vocal Remover
  • Voice Cleaner
  • Customizable Processing
  • Integration with Other Services
  • Various Pricing Plans

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