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Overview is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify graphic design, photo enhancement, and content creation. Leveraging advanced AI technology, enables users to generate art, remove backgrounds or objects, and restore images effortlessly. Additionally, it provides easy-to-edit templates for creating device mockups and social media posts. With both free and premium versions available, also offers an API for seamless integration with other platforms.

This AI-powered tool is similar to other platforms such as Remodeled AI

Key Features:

  1. AI Art Generator:’s AI Art Generator empowers users to create unique and high-quality artwork and illustrations by simply inputting a description or keywords. This feature leverages advanced AI algorithms to produce creative visuals, making it a valuable tool for those who need stunning graphics without extensive design skills.
  2. Background and Object Removal:
    The Background and Object Removal feature in allows users to easily remove backgrounds or unwanted objects from images. This tool uses AI to detect and remove elements, resulting in clean and professional-looking visuals. This feature is particularly useful for product photos, profile pictures, and other scenarios where a transparent or customized background is needed. Pricing: offers both free and premium plans:

  • Free trial: Since not everyone can afford Hotpot, we provide free tiers for personal or non-commercial use for most products.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at 12 per month or $2000 per year, this plan offers unlimited access to all features, high-resolution downloads, priority support, and no watermarks.

Use Cases:

  • Graphic Designers: Create and enhance visuals for various projects with ease.
  • Content Creators: Generate engaging social media posts, blog graphics, and more.
  • Marketers: Design professional marketing materials, including ads and banners.
  • Photographers: Restore old photos and remove unwanted elements from images.


  • What types of templates are available on
  • offers templates for device mockups, social media posts, ads, and more.
  • Can I use for commercial purposes?
  • Yes, can be used for commercial purposes, especially with the premium plan which removes watermarks.
  • Is there a limit to the number of images I can edit on the free plan?
  • The free plan has limitations on the number of high-resolution downloads and access to certain features.

Final Verdict: is a powerful and user-friendly AI tool that excels in graphic design, photo enhancement, and content creation. Its advanced features, such as AI art generation, background and object removal, and image restoration, make it a versatile choice for professionals and amateurs alike. The premium plan’s affordable pricing provides excellent value, unlocking a full suite of tools and high-resolution downloads. Overall, is a highly recommended tool for anyone looking to elevate their visual content creation.



  • AI Art Generator
  • Background Removal
  • Object Removal
  • Image Restoration
  • Template System
  • Photo Enhancement
  • API Integration
  • High-Resolution Downloads (Premium)

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