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Docer is an AI-powered platform to make documents interactive. It brings documents to life by enabling users to talk, understand, and collaborate with them. Its key purpose is to change how people interact with all types...
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AI-powered platform for creating knowledge bases and chatbots


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Insula is a smart AI-powered virtual assistant that allows natural speech conversations and makes your life easier. It utilizes advanced natural language processing to understand queries accurately and then responds just like a human would.Insula's goal...


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PromptGenie is an AI writing assistant designed specifically to help ChatGPT users create better prompts. Its main purpose is to transform basic prompts into "super prompts" - optimized prompts that maximize ChatGPT's potential and lead to...


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DoNotPay is an AI service that helps consumers fight back against corporations, protect privacy, find hidden money, and navigate bureaucracy. The goal is to empower everyday people through legal information and self-help tools.DoNotPay leverages AI to...


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Airgram is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps teams record, transcribe, summarize, and collaborate on meetings. It integrates with video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex to capture audio, video, and notes.The intuitive platform...

Caktus AI

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Caktus AI is an AI assistant designed to enhance learning for students and professionals. Its suite of educational tools leverages natural language processing to provide personalized aid with writing, math, coding, and more.For writing, Caktus AI...

Character AI

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Character AI is an innovative platform that allows users to chat with advanced AI-powered virtual characters. Using neural language processing, Character AI can simulate conversational experiences with fictional personas or virtual versions of real people.To start...

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