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Insula is a smart AI-powered virtual assistant that allows natural speech conversations and makes your life easier. It utilizes advanced natural language processing to understand queries accurately and then responds just like a human would.

Insula’s goal is to make interacting with AI simple and natural through friendly chats. Both the free and paid plans are here to cater to your needs, making Insula a handy solution for easy AI assistance.

However, what i did not like about this was that you have to click the mic button every time you want to speak. And then click it again when you are done. The AI then takes a few seconds to process what you said and responds. There were also instances when Insula Bot did not understand anything that i said and started speaking gibberish.



  • Conversational AI assistant
  • Understands natural language
  • Responds accurately to queries
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Free chatbot available
  • Paid plans unlock more features

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