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Photoleap is an AI-powered photo editing app designed to transform your images effortlessly. It offers a wide array of features, including cutouts, background removal, one-tap effects, and AI-generated imagery. Photoleap also integrates with Motionleap and provides Pro tools like merge, double exposure, and layering, making it suitable for both casual users and professionals looking to enhance their photos with ease.

Key Features:

Cutouts and Background Removal:

Photoleap provides a powerful feature for cutting out specific elements from your photos or removing backgrounds entirely. This functionality allows users to:

Isolate Subjects: Effortlessly separate the main subject from the background, making it perfect for creating professional-looking images or compositions.

Create Unique Compositions: Once the background is removed, users can place the subject onto different backgrounds or incorporate it into various designs, enhancing creativity.

Simplify Editing: The AI-driven technology ensures precision in cutting out elements, saving time and effort compared to manual editing.

Versatility: Ideal for creating profile pictures, marketing materials, and artistic projects, where having a clear and focused subject is crucial.

One-Tap Effects:

Photoleap’s one-tap effects feature allows users to quickly enhance their photos with various pre-set effects, streamlining the editing process. This feature includes:

Instant Enhancements: Apply effects such as filters, color adjustments, and artistic styles with a single tap, giving photos a polished look without the need for detailed editing.

Time-Saving: Perfect for users who need quick edits, this feature significantly reduces the time spent on enhancing photos.

Consistent Results: Achieve a consistent aesthetic across multiple photos, making it ideal for social media posts and marketing campaigns where uniformity is important.

User-Friendly: Even those with little to no photo editing experience can produce high-quality edits, as the app handles the complexities.

By incorporating these two features, Photoleap ensures that users can easily create professional and visually appealing photos, regardless of their editing skills.

Photoleap Pricing:

Photoleap offers a 7-day free trial for users to explore its features. Post-trial, users can choose between free and premium plans. The premium plan provides access to advanced features such as Pro tools and exclusive assets. Specific pricing details for the premium plan are available within the app, and they often offer monthly and yearly subscription options to suit different needs and budgets.

Use Cases:

  • Social Media Content Creation: Create eye-catching images for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  • Professional Photography: Enhance photos with advanced editing tools for portfolios, websites, and client projects.
  • Personal Projects: Design unique images for personal use, such as digital scrapbooks, greeting cards, or family albums.
  • Marketing Materials: Develop visually appealing marketing materials, including flyers, posters, and social media ads.


1. Is Photoleap available on both iOS and Android?

  • Photoleap is primarily available on iOS, but they are working on expanding to Android in the future.

2. Can I use Photoleap without a subscription?

  • Yes, Photoleap offers a range of free features. However, advanced tools and assets require a premium subscription.

3. How do I cancel my subscription?

  • Subscriptions can be managed and canceled through your device’s app store settings.

4. Does Photoleap support RAW file editing?

  • Yes, Photoleap supports RAW file editing for high-quality image processing.

5. Can I export my edited images in high resolution?

  • Yes, Photoleap allows users to export images in high resolution suitable for printing and professional use.

Final Verdict:

Photoleap is an impressive AI-powered photo editing app that stands out for its user-friendly interface and powerful features. Its ability to remove backgrounds, apply one-tap effects, and utilize AI-generated imagery makes it an excellent choice for both casual users and professional photographers. The integration with Motionleap and access to Pro tools like merge, double exposure, and layering add significant value, allowing users to create stunning and unique images effortlessly.

The app’s versatility in supporting social media content creation, professional photography, personal projects, and marketing materials makes it a highly valuable tool. While the free version offers a range of useful features, the premium subscription unlocks advanced tools and assets that are worth the investment for those looking to take their photo editing to the next level.

Photoleap’s support for high-resolution exports and RAW file editing ensures that the quality of the final images meets professional standards. The 7-day free trial provides a risk-free opportunity to explore all that Photoleap has to offer before committing to a subscription.

Overall, Photoleap is a top-tier photo editing app that combines ease of use with advanced capabilities, making it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their photos quickly and effectively.



  • Automatic cutouts and background removal
  • One-tap effects for quick edits
  • AI-generated imagery
  • Integration with Motion leap for animated effects
  • Pro tools like merge, double exposure, and layering
  • Extensive library of stickers, filters, and fonts
  • Sketch or draw prompts to fill in gaps
  • High-resolution export options

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