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WatchThis is an AI-powered website that provides personalized movie and TV show recommendations. It was created by developer Steph Dietz using OpenAI’s GPT-3 API and Vercel Edge Functions. The main goal of WatchThis is to suggest relevant shows and films to users based on their selected categories and preferences.

The best part is that WatchThis is free to use. It does not have any paid tiers or subscriptions. You can simply go to the website, select your preferences, and get a list of movies and shows.

For developers and enthusiasts, Watchthis Dev is open-source and can also be deployed on the local server. The instructions to do so can be found at Watchthis Github repository. You will only need an OpenAI API key to deploy it via Vercel.

Use Cases

  • Get suggestions for a movie night or what show to binge next.
  • Discover new shows and movies based on your taste.
  • Find good options in specific niche genres like anime, documentaries, etc.
  • Get recommendations for the whole family including kids.
  • Quickly generate a list of movie or TV options without having to manually search.


  • Does it work for international/foreign language films and shows?

No, currently WatchThis only provides suggestions for English-language movies and shows. Support for other languages is not implemented yet.

  • Can I get anime, documentary, or other niche recommendations?

Yes, WatchThis has a total of 56 categories including categories for niche genres including anime, documentaries, art house films, cult classics, etc.

  • Does it recommend shows and movies on streaming platforms?

No, WatchThis does not specifically provide streaming availability or sources for its recommendations.

  • How are the recommendations personalized?

The suggestions are personalized based on the categories and custom specifications entered by each user.

  • Can I contribute to the project?

Yes, WatchThis is open source on GitHub so developers can contribute by raising issues, creating pull requests, etc.



  • Personalized recommendations based on user selection
  • 52 genres available including action, comedy, anime, etc.
  • Get recommendations for both films and shows
  • No paid tiers or subscriptions required
  • Easy to use
  • Open source which can be deployed locally

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