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TensorArt is a free AI art generator and model hosting platform. It allows users to create images through an intuitive interface using a wide selection of AI models, including stable diffusion, LoRA, ControlNet and more. Users can also host and share their own custom models.

1. Image Generation Process

The image generation process is relatively straightforward. Users input a text prompt and choose a model, along with optional settings like negative prompt, aspect ratio, sampling method and steps. Advanced settings like LoRA, VAE, HiRes.fix and ADetailer allow enhanced control.

2. Custom Model Creation

Users can create and share custom AI models tailored for specific art styles or content. Model requirements and templates are provided. Once approved by TensorArt, models become available for the community to use.

3. Monetization

Artists can monetize through selling custom models and prompts in TensorArt’s marketplace. Generated images can also be sold for commercial use without restrictions. Additional revenue streams are print-on-demand merchandise with AI art.

What Makes Tensor.Art Unique:

  • Diverse Model Selection – Offers stable diffusion, LoRA, ControlNet, VAE, and other models to fit different creative needs.
  • Custom Model Hosting – This enables users to create and share their own tailored models on the platform.
  • Free Credits Daily – Provides 100 free credits per day for users to generate images.
  • Additional Paid Credits – Option to purchase more credits beyond the daily free credits.
  • Image Enhancement Tools – Includes tools like HiRes.fix and ADetailer for upscaling, denoising, etc.
  • Adjustable Settings – Allows tuning parameters like sampling method, steps, aspect ratio, seed, etc.
  • Image Prompting – Supports text, image, and negative prompts to guide image generation.
  • User Profiles – Ability to create profiles and follow other creators on the platform.

Pricing & Credits

  • 100 free credits daily, 200 for Pro members
  • 10 bonus credits daily for signing in, 100 for referring users
  • Hosted models earn 0.1 credit per use
  • Additional credits can be purchased starting at $29.90 per 10,000

Tensor Art Use Cases

  • Artists can create custom art styles through tailored AI models.
  • Illustrators can quickly generate art concepts and ideas.
  • Designers can mock up visuals for projects and presentations.
  • Photographers can overpaint images for stylized edits.
  • Creators can prototype character designs, scenes, and objects.


With its combination of extensive free credits, customizable AI models, and an integrated marketplace, TensorArt offers an excellent platform for creators to harness advanced AI capabilities for their artistic goals. Both rapid prototyping and cultivating unique styles are enabled.



  • Text-to-image generation
  • Diverse model selection like Stable Diffusion
  • Custom model hosting
  • Model marketplace to buy/sell
  • LoRA for detail enhancement
  • ControlNet for pose control
  • Free 100 credits per day
  • Additional credits through referrals
  • Upscaling and noise reduction
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Active community engagement

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