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StealthWriter is an AI tool that transforms text generated by AI systems into human-like, undetectable content. Its main purpose is to help users disguise AI-written text to bypass plagiarism checks and AI detection tools.

Think of Stealthwriter as a super helper for writing. It makes everything you write sound like it came straight from a person, not a machine. Plus, it’s like a ninja! Other computer programs can’t spot its work. If you’re writing something for the internet, Stealthwriter makes sure more people can find it while still sounding like you. It can even give you different versions of your story or report, and you can make quick changes while you’re at it. And the coolest part? It double-checks to make sure no one knows you had a little help. Stealthwriter is like the Swiss Army knife for writing cool stuff!

Below is a screenshot of the AI content input that I entered into Stealthwriter;

stealthwriter ai content input

Stealthwriter transformed it into human-written content in seconds and provided results went from 100% AI to 43% AI (Most Likely Written by a Human). The results are shown in the image below;

stealthwriter AI content into human written content transformation


StealthWriter has a free plan with 300-word limits. Paid plans are available at $40/month for Basic, $70/month for Standard, and $100/month for Premium. These premium plans offer more word limits and more words per process or request.

Use Cases

  • Rewriting AI-generated blog posts and articles to pass plagiarism checks.
  • Creating unique versions of AI content for posting across different sites.
  • Producing undetectable marketing copy and product descriptions using AI.
  • Optimizing and repurposing existing content originally written by AI.
  • Anonymizing sensitive texts by disguising the writing style.


  • Does StealthWriter work for non-English languages?

No, currently it only supports English language text.

  • Is there a limit on how many times I can humanize the same content?

No, you can humanize the same text multiple times to generate different versions.

  • Does it integrate with other writing tools like Grammarly?

Not directly, but output can be run through other editing tools as per user needs. If you are using the Grammarly extension, then you can fix results after pasting them into web docs such as Google Sheets.

  • Can it humanize very short texts like titles and captions?

Yes, but extremely short texts may have limited rewriting options. The optimal length is 100+ words.

  • Is the free version sufficient for basic use?

The free version is good for trying basic functionalities, paid tiers enable more advanced use.


For anyone using AI content generation, StealthWriter is an essential tool to anonymize and protect written texts. With robust rewriting capabilities, anti-plagiarism features, and customization options, it ensures AI-produced content evades detection across the board.



  • Rewrites AI text into human-like language
  • Bypasses all major AI detectors
  • Ensures content is 100% plagiarism-free
  • Retains SEO value with keywords
  • Provides multiple humanized variations
  • Has built-in AI detector to verify
  • Free and paid plans available

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Though it might not be 100% the way you want it to, it still does a pretty good job.StealthWriter AI