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Resoomer is an AI-powered online tool for summarizing and analyzing texts. Its main purpose is to help users quickly identify the key ideas, facts, and arguments within documents. The good thing is that Resoomer is 100% free to use and there are no character limits. This means that users can paste lengthy articles right away instead of limiting themselves to a few hundred words. And they don’t have to pay even a single cent.

As for summary generation, there are both automatic and manual summary options. You can use the manual option to adjust the summary length if needed. Moreover, Resoomer also has an “Optimized” summary option. This feature generates a summary that is focused on keywords. Lastly, there is the “text analysis” feature that highlights the key passages from the text.

In addition to summarizing the text, Resoomer also allows its users to rewrite the summary and even translate it into any other supported language.

Resoomer Use Cases

  • Students – Summarize research papers, articles, and books quickly.
  • Academics – Rapidly analyze key points in literature and publications.
  • Journalists – Understand press releases, reports, and news items efficiently.
  • Businesses – Review and summarize contracts, briefs, and whitepapers with ease.
  • Authors – Get insights into drafts by identifying core themes and ideas.
  • Readers – Save time understanding books by getting summarized overviews.


  1. What’s Resoomer’s character limit for summarization?

There is no strict character limit. Resoomer can summarize texts of any length.

  1. Does it work for fiction books and stories?

No, Resoomer is best suited for summarizing structured, factual texts.

  1. Can I customize the summary length with Resoomer?

Resoomers offers different options for its users when it comes to summary generation. You can use the automatic summary option which does not allow you to adjust the summary. However, there is also the manual summary option which can be used to customize summary length with Resoomer.

  1. Is there a limit on how many texts I can summarize?

No, users can summarize unlimited texts with the free version of Resoomer without any restrictions.

  1. How does Resoomer compare to manual summarization?

Resoomer summarizes texts significantly faster than humans while retaining key details.


Resoomer stands out as an indispensable AI tool for anyone who regularly deals with large amounts of text. With its one-click summarization, multilingual capabilities, browser integration, and free access, Resoomer aims to make absorbing and analyzing written information more efficient. I believe Resoomers is an invaluable asset for students, journalists, researchers, and knowledge workers.



  • AI-powered text summarization
  • Identifies main concepts and ideas
  • Textual analysis to understand content
  • Supports English, French, Spanish, etc
  • Browser extension for webpages
  • Accurate and concise summaries
  • Completely free to use
  • Easy copy-paste interface
  • Saves time understanding text

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You can get an automatic summary of your text or adjust the length if needed. Moreover, it allows translation, rewriting, and much more.Resoomer