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OnlyComs is a free AI-powered domain name suggestion and search tool focused exclusively on .com domains. Its key purpose is to help users find available and relevant .com domain names tailored to their project or business needs. The focus is on recommending relevant, memorable, and commercially valuable .com domains.

To use OnlyComs, users simply enter a brief description of their project or business. OnlyComs’ AI then analyzes the description to identify suitable naming ideas for .com domains. It checks availability and displays viable domain suggestions.

  • AI Name Recommendations – Generates domain suggestions based on natural language prompts.
  • .Com Exclusivity – Search results only include available .com domains.
  • Name Refinement – Provides alternative suggestions to refine domain searches.
  • Bulk Availability Check – Checks domain availability in bulk rather than one at a time.
  • Name Score – Rates suggested names on relevance, uniqueness, and brand potential.
  • Keyword Analysis – Analyzes domain keywords and metrics like volume and competition.
  • Domain Search – Comprehensive search checks availability across all registrars.


  • Personalized Options – Gets domain ideas tailored to project descriptions.
  • Time Savings – Quickly brainstorms dozens of customized domain suggestions.
  • Relevance – Names are closely aligned to business or project nature.
  • Quality Over Quantity – Focuses solely on the most valuable .com domains.
  • Streamlined Selection – Tools like name scoring help identify the best options.

Use Cases

  • Branding Projects – Find the perfect .com domain for branding businesses or campaigns.
  • Startup Founders – Brainstorm launching a startup or side project.
  • Developers – Quickly check for available domains for client projects.
  • Entrepreneurs – Discover quality domains for new ideas and ventures.
  • Marketers – Secure effective and catchy .com domains for marketing initiatives.


With its AI-powered .com specific domain recommendations, Only.Coms provides immense value for anyone searching for the ideal domain name aligned to their project vision. By combining machine learning with an exclusive focus on .com domains, it aims to help users find perfect domain names effortlessly.



  • AI-powered domain suggestions
  • Generates only .com domain options
  • Analyzes project description for relevant names
  • Checks domain availability
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Requests more domain ideas easily

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