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Aikeez is an AI-powered WordPress plugin that automates content creation and publishing. Its key purpose is to help users produce engaging and optimized content for their WordPress sites in bulk at the lowest cost possible.

This AI content creation platform saves time and money by automating tedious tasks like sourcing images and writing product descriptions or blog posts. Users can generate unlimited content in bulk and schedule publication in advance.

The advanced AI settings give you control over text generation quality and creativity. You can adjust the tone, temperature, model being used, and even the maximum tokens to use for the blog. And all of that through a very simple and user friendly interface. Also, you don’t need to select images manually anymore, just select the number of images instead. Aikeez will automatically add high-quality free to use images in your article.

Since Aikeez users can choose their preferred GPT model, you can generate a 1500 words article with GPT 4 for less than $0.15. The same blog with GPT 3 might cost you about $0.06 – $0.08, making the content creation at scale super cheap.

Watch the video below to see how Aikeez works:

Benefits of using Aikeez

  • Saves time – This is probably the biggest value offering that Aikeez users get; it save their time. This WordPress plugin Automates tedious and manual content tasks and puts your mind at ease.
  • Cost reduction – Significantly lowers content production costs compared to hiring a copywriter.
  • Increased output – Enables effortlessly publishing more content because you can generate unlimited amount of articles with Aikeez.
  • Flexibility – Allows customizing AI-generated text as needed.
  • Consistency – Maintains steady content flow through scheduling.

Use Cases

  • Ecommerce sites – Generate high volumes of quality product copy.
  • Affiliate marketers – Produce reviews rapidly for more products.
  • Bloggers – Automate article creation on diverse topics.
  • Businesses – Maintain regular content publication.
  • Publishers – Manage extensive content strategies efficiently.

Aikeez Pricing:

Aikeez offers annual pricing tiers based on number of sites. Solo plan is $149/year for 1 site. There is also the Business plan which costs $249/year for 5 sites. Finally, there is the Elite plan which supposedly offers the best value but costs $449/year for 25 sites. However, the Elite plan is only suitable for agencies (or if you have a group of friends who are buying together).


Aikeez transforms WordPress content creation by infusing it with the power of AI. With its array of automation capabilities, it enables users to scale content production to new heights while retaining quality and brand alignment. For anyone seeking to boost their WordPress content game, Aikeez is an indispensable AI-driven asset.



  • Automated image selection and integration
  • AI-powered text generation
  • Bulk content scheduling
  • Customizable AI settings
  • Supports latest AI models like GPT-4
  • Affordable yearly subscription plans
  • Suitable for ecommerce, affiliate sites, etc.
  • User-friendly WordPress integration

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