34 Best AI Tools for Business

Artificial intelligence adoption is accelerating, with the AI market projected to reach $500 billion by start of 2024. As businesses realize the transformative potential of AI, they are implementing solutions to optimize processes, reduce costs, boost productivity, and drive innovation. The right AI tools can give any size business a true competitive advantage.

In this article, we explore the best AI tools that are revolutionizing business in 2023 and can help you to scale up.

List of Best AI Tools for Business

To make it easier, we have listed the top AI tools for business based on major business functions and processes. Therefore, you will find best AI tools related to business writing, customer service, marketing, and analytics, HR, and more. These tools can help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make better decisions. Take a look at the list below to find the right AI tool for your business!

1. Best AI Tools for Writing & Content Creation

Quality content remains an invaluable asset for lead generation and search visibility. AI writing assistants like ChatGPT, Jasper, Copy.ai, and INK enable businesses to produce well-researched, high-quality content at scale.

I. ChatGPT

ChatGPT - Best AI Writing Tool for business

You might already be familiar with ChatGPT, the groundbreaking AI chatbot which truly brought artificial intelligence and its capabilities to light. People have been using it for writing emails to entire blog posts, code, and much more. When it comes to AI tools for writing and content creation for any business, ChatGPT is probably one of the best options with vast potential for customization and flexibility. All you need to do is tell it what exactly you want, just like you will tell your colleague or maybe your employee.

You can ask it to modify those responses, provide additional info to improve them, change the tone and voice of the text, or even rewrite the whole thing if you are not satisfied. The quality of responses you get even from a basic prompt with GPT 3.5 is pretty impressive. However, if you need a better quality you can also subscribe for the premium plan which costs about $19.99 per month and use GPT 4.

At the same time, you need to be able to explain what you want through prompts. If your input is vague, the response you will get might also be vague. So explore different prompts and see what works for you.

II. Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that creates long-form and short-form content with just a few prompts. It can churn out blog posts, social media captions, and marketing copy up to 10x faster than humans. Or at least that’s what the company claims. Based on personal experience, you still have to review that content and make sure everything that is written is correct and the way you want it to be. That takes significant time. However, it still makes the job way easier and improves the overall quality.

Jasper allows users to generate content in over 30 languages and offers over 50 content templates for blog posts, ads, emails, and more. Some of its Advanced features include rephrasing and summarizing existing text.

You can also provide Jasper AI with some of the previous text samples for your business to give it an idea of your brand’s voice and style. As a result, you can get output responses that are tailored to your brand voice.

III. Copy.ai

Copy.ai leverages AI to generate marketing copy tailored to your brand voice, just like Jasper AI. It allows customization of tone, length, and keywords. Additionally, Copy.ai offers over 20 content types from Facebook ads to website content. You can use these templates to generate social media captions or maybe blog intros or titles instantly. The AI assistant can rewrite content to optimize engagement based on input data.

Copy AI’s detailed analytics provide insight on how your copy is resonating so you can have a better idea and improve or change it if it doesn’t work for you.


INK writes long-form content indistinguishable from human writing. The automated content creator can develop blogs, articles, books, and other materials to enrich your digital presence. Unlike other tools, INK does not use pre-written templates, but rather generates completely custom content based on your prompts. INK offers robust controls over topics, keywords, tone of voice, and more.

2. Best AI Tools for Research & Content Discovery

Conducting extensive research is vital for content creation and staying updated on industry advancements. AI research assistants like Semantic Scholar, Iris.ai, and Refind can significantly ease the research burden.

I. Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar uses AI to analyze millions of academic papers and extract key insights. It can quickly summarize papers and generate MLA/APA citations. Semantic Scholar also suggests related papers based on your initial search to help discover new connections. The tool is designed to help researchers, scientists, and academics streamline literature reviews.

II. Iris.ai

Iris.ai functions as a personal research assistant, helping you discover and summarize relevant publications and maintaining an organized library. It uses natural language processing to read and evaluate millions of documents in seconds. Iris.ai also generates APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard citations automatically. The virtual assistant becomes smarter and improves recommendations over time as it learns your preferences.

III. Refind

Refind uses AI to discover and curate the most valuable content for your interests from across the web. It learns your preferences to provide personalized recommendations over time. Refind sources content from both paywalled and free sources, allowing you to easily build collections of research materials. You can also collaborate and share content with colleagues.

3. Best AI Tools for Design

Visually appealing design remains crucial for engaging audiences across digital touchpoints. AI graphic design tools like Canva, Designs.ai, and Bannerbear enable design at scale.

I. Canva

Canva offers a library of easy-to-use AI graphic design templates for social media posts, presentations, posters, infographics, and more. The image creator tool provides customized suggestions as you design. Canva can also generate color combinations, fonts, and layouts tailored to your brand. With thousands of templates and assets, you can quickly create branded visual content.

II. Designs.ai

Designs.ai is an AI logo and graphic generator. Simply add text prompts and keywords to create customized logos, banners, and other designs in minutes. The advanced avatar maker allows you to generate a custom illustrated logo. Designs.ai offers multiple file formats and image sizes for print and digital use. Batch processing allows you to generate multiples logo variations or graphics in bulk.

III. Bannerbear

Bannerbear uses AI to design high-converting, on-brand banner ads tailored to your business. You can generate multiple variations for A/B testing. Bannerbear optimizes elements like text, color, image selection, and layout based on your target audience and campaign goals. Dynamic banners can be connected to live data sources. Bannerbear also provides detailed performance analytics.

4. Best AI Tools for Video & Audio Production

Video and audio content helps businesses engage audiences and establish brand voice. AI tools like Descript, D-ID, and Resemble.ai simplify production.

I. Descript

Descript allows users to edit audio and video just by editing text transcripts. It also features voice cloning and audio restoration tools. Descript can automatically generate captions for video and even insert timecodes into transcripts. Collaborators can comment directly on transcripts linked to the media. The Overdub feature also enables editing voice recordings by simply rewriting the transcript.


D-ID creates AI-generated video presenters that serve as brand ambassadors or narrators for corporate videos. The platform replicates voices, speech patterns, tones, facial expressions and lip movements to produce hyper-realistic videos. D-ID can clone real people or generate fully artificial presenters. Backgrounds and animations can also be added to boost engagement.

III. Resemble.ai

Resemble.ai is a voice cloning tool that replicates human voices using just short audio samples. It allows you to create custom voices for videos, podcasts, and other audio content. Resemble’s AI can clone any voice with just 5 minutes of sample audio. The generated voices are customizable by speech tempo, pitch, slang, and other parameters. Resemble offers enterprise-grade security and support.

5. Best AI Tools for CRM & Sales Enablement

Optimizing the sales cycle and keeping prospects engaged remains imperative. AI-enhanced CRM solutions like HubSpot, Salesforce, and PersistIQ provide sales teams with an intelligent advantage.

I. HubSpot

HubSpot leverages AI throughout the customer journey from acquisition to retention. Features include lead scoring, email automation, meeting scheduling, and personalization. HubSpot’s AI Sidekick can generate summaries of meetings and calls. The platform also offers predictive lead scoring and automated follow-ups based on customer engagement.

II. Salesforce

Salesforce Einstein provides AI capabilities like predictive lead scoring, automated data capture, intelligent forecasting, and recommendations for next best actions. Smart email productivity tools help reps write faster. Einstein can also discover relevant insights from Email and customer data. Salesforce Einstein Analytics gives companies predictive analytics capabilities.

III. PersistIQ

PersistIQ applies AI to determine the optimal timing and sequencing for sales messages and touchpoints for maximum response. It combines historical sales data with real-time buying signals to engage prospects at the right time. PersistIQ schedules follow-ups and sequences repetitive tasks like emails, calls, ads retargeting. The AI assistant tailors outreach while learning from rep interactions.

6. Best AI Tools for Marketing Automation

AI marketing platforms like Persado, Phrazor, and Frase enable personalized omni-channel campaigns that resonate at scale.

I. Persado

Persado analyzes audience data to generate emotionally intelligent, hyper-targeted marketing messages optimized for engagement and conversions. It uses AI to A/B test language variations at scale to continually refine messaging. Persado optimizes web content, emails, ads, and direct mail. Real-time analytics identify highest performing messages.

II. Phrazor

Phrazor is an AI-powered copywriting platform tailored for marketers. It creates on-brand messaging designed to maximize engagement across channels. Phrazor asks questions about your goals, target audience, and brand voice to deliver tailored copy with emotion. The AI assistant improves over time by learning from user edits and feedback.

III. Frase

Frase offers expansive AI capabilities to assist marketers with content ideation, copywriting, and research to develop campaigns rapidly. Smart Keyword research helps identify high-opportunity keywords. Frase writes SEO-optimized content briefs and marketing emails based on your inputs. The AI also generates content ideas, outlines, and social media captions.

7. Best AI Tools for Analytics & Business Intelligence

Harnessing data insights is key to understanding audiences, monitoring KPIs, and optimizing strategies. AI analytics tools like Octopai, Funnel.io, and Databox make sense of data.

I. Octopai

Octopai automates repetitive data tasks like preparation, cleansing, enrichment, and analysis, freeing up employees’ time. The AI assistant can integrate, transform, and model data from across systems. Octopai’s easy-to-use interface enables citizen data scientists to build workflows and analytical models without coding.

II. Funnel.io

Funnel.io provides an end-to-end view of the customer journey, leveraging AI to surface actionable insights for marketing attribution and optimization. It offers real-time analytics and business user friendly dashboards. Funnel.io’s AI Engine combines metrics from web, mobile, CRM, and other sources to showcase impact across channels.

III. Databox

Databox aggregates business data and metrics in real-time. Robust dashboards and intelligent alerts enable tracking of KPIs across departments. Databox automates data collection through one-click integrations. The platform’s AI-powered analytics provide easy-to-understand insights and benchmarks for non-technical users. Customizable widget libraries simplify dashboard creation.

8. Best AI Tools for Customer Support

Providing prompt, accurate support is vital for customer satisfaction and retention. Conversational AI solutions like Ada Support, Kore.ai, and Intercom enhance support capabilities.

I. Ada Support

Ada Support is a conversational chatbot tailored for customer support use cases like FAQs, lead qualification, and appointment booking. It uses natural language processing to understand queries and respond with relevant answers instantly. Ada learns from support manuals and historic conversations to keep improving. Omnichannel deployment options are available.

II. Kore.ai

Kore.ai offers an enterprise-grade virtual assistant that replicates human behaviors for nuanced, empathetic conversational experiences. The chatbot provides round-the-clock support across languages while integrating with backend systems. Kore.ai leverages machine learning to improve language understanding over time.

III. Intercom

Intercom’s conversational bots can be leveraged across the customer journey to book meetings, qualify leads, resolve issues, and drive retention. Bots are equipped with a comprehensive knowledge base and can transfer complex conversations to human agents. Intercom allows bots to be customized for unique conversational paths.

9. Best AI Tools for HR & Recruiting

AI is transforming talent acquisition and management. Next-gen HR platforms like Ideal, Eightfold, and Phenom aim to enhance human capabilities.

I. Ideal

Ideal combines conversational AI and human intelligence to screen resumes, recommend candidates, and prepare custom interview guides. Candidate matching accounts for hard and soft skills. Ideal can schedule interviews and automate follow-ups to move candidates through the funnel. HR teams save time spent on candidate sourcing and screening.

II. Eightfold

Eightfold’s talent intelligence platform applies AI throughout the talent lifecycle for skills-based hiring, retention, and diversity initiatives. Predictive analytics identify employees at risk of leaving while recommending upskilling opportunities. Eightfold anonymizes resumes to reduce unconscious bias in hiring. The platform provides global talent database access.

III. Phenom

Phenom provides an AI-powered talent experience platform to attract, develop, and retain the right talent by personalizing journeys. Machine learning matches employees with the right training content, mentors, and experiences. Phenom Career Path helps map out growth opportunities. Phenom uses AI to create talent communities and power career sites.

10. Best AI Tools for Accounting & Finance

Mundane accounting tasks can be automated using AI solutions like AppZen, Botkeeper, and Sage. This boosts productivity and minimizes errors.

I. AppZen

AppZen uses AI to automate expense reporting, auditing, and other accounting processes for greater speed, visibility, and savings. It flags out of policy spend, duplication, and fraud using rules-based and AI technologies. AppZen connects with ERPs to extract key data and integrates automated approvals.

II. Botkeeper

Botkeeper is an AI bookkeeping assistant that handles tasks like categorizing transactions, reconciling accounts, generating financial statements, and more. Backed by human accountants, Botkeeper uses intelligent automation to process invoices, expenses, bank/CC statements 75% faster with 99% accuracy.

III. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct automates core accounting workflows like managing AR/AP, inventory, budgeting, and reporting to optimize operations. Smart rules engine works across the system to enforce approvals, validation checks, notifications, journal entries, and more. Dimensions allow dynamic grouping of GL accounts for faster insights.

11. Best AI Tools for Project Management

Juggling multiple projects while maintaining efficiency remains an obstacle. AI-powered work management systems like Monday.com, Wrike, and Asana enhance visibility and coordination.

I. Monday.com

Monday.com offers customizable workflows and project management capabilities powered by AI-based automation and real-time insights. The platform provides intelligent forecasting, automated handover, and risk detection. Smart timelines visualize paths to completion. The Insights Dashboard uses data analytics to surface trends.

II. Wrike

Wrike’s AI project assistant acts like a personalized aide, providing contextual recommendations and surfaceing relevant project information proactively. Wrike’s AI analyzes team patterns to optimize task allocation, scheduling, and due dates. Smart Search makes finding the right information easier.

III. Asana

Asana leverages machine learning to provide intelligent task recommendations based on project context, due dates, and user behavior. The Focus Mode utilizes AI to surface and prioritize the most relevant tasks. Asana’s AI assistant highlights opportunities to improve processes over time.


The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence is leading to previously unimaginable possibilities for process enhancement across virtually every business function. As the tools highlighted indicate, businesses of any scale and industry can benefit from AI capabilities like automated content production to customer intelligence. Identifying areas that AI can augment human abilities can ultimately translate to competitive differentiation and business value.

Sohaib Arshad
Sohaib Arshad
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