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Satisfy your deepest anime fantasies with OnlyWaifus, the AI hentai generator tailored to your desires. This revolutionary platform creates an endless stream of customizable waifus in uncensored styles with just a text prompt.

OnlyWaifus leverages advanced deep learning techniques to produce hentai images in seconds, with greater details and high quality. Every detail from hair to body type to clothing can be specified through text and adjusted until your vision comes to life. Simple prompts like “Purple haired elf waifu” instantly materialize as shockingly realistic NSFW hentai images.

While OnlyWaifus caters to mature themes, the entire process occurs fully artificially with no human involvement. This liberates your creativity to explore wilder concepts safely and ethically.

OnlyWaifus Pricing

The Only Waifus ai platform does not offer any free plans or free trials. There are two premium pricing options available for its users:

  1. Gold Plan – $14/month
  • Unlimited usage
  • Medium queue priority
  • Medium quality
  1. Platinum Plan – $23/month
  • Unlimited usage
  • High queue priority
  • High quality up to 4K
  • Expert features


  • Unlimited AI hentai generation
  • Customizable characters and scenarios
  • Uncensored erotic art styles
  • Simple text-to-image prompts
  • Photorealistic quality levels
  • Download images up to 4K
  • User dashboard to manage content
  • Active Discord community

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