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Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that helps entrepreneurs and startups create short, memorable, and brandable company names. It utilizes advanced language models to generate hundreds of creative name ideas that are unique, catchy, and relevant to your industry or product.

Users can filter results to prioritize shorter names or target specific domain extensions. The algorithm continuously improves, learning from saved preferences to recommend better options over time.

Namelix also enables the creation of customized logos through integration with’s logo generation engine.

Key use cases for Namelix include:

  • Generating creative brand names for startups and companies
  • Brainstorming cool product names during development
  • Designing logos and branding assets to match new names
  • Getting domain-specific recommendations like .com, .io, etc.
  • Saving favorite names to teach the AI your naming style

With its AI-powered business naming capabilities, Namelix provides startups and entrepreneurs an edge in finding the perfect brand identity.



  • Uses AI to generate short, branded names rather than random word combinations
  • Prioritizes shorter, more memorable names
  • Continuously learns from your feedback to provide better name recommendations
  • Checks domain availability and suggests relevant domain extensions
  • Integrates with to instantly create logos for your favorite names
  • Helps you find a name that's meaningful yet completely original
  • Saves all your preferred names and ideas in one place

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as someone who works on different ideas all the time, Namelix proves to be very useful. I get the name, logo, and whether the .com domain is available or not right away instead of checking here and there. And the name generation and everything is absolutely free. As for the logo, I prefer to use a different platform since the logos through are paid.Namelix