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Match That Role is an AI-powered career guidance platform that provides personalized advice and insights to help users achieve their desired roles and advance their careers. It analyzes user-provided information to offer tailored recommendations.

There are 2 main options. The first is “Role Match” where you paste the contents of your CV and the role you want to achieve in next 5 years. Match That Role generates analysis on suitability and steps to get there. It highlights areas for development compared to target role needs and advises users on skilling up to transition into new roles.

The second option “Role Excellence”. With that, users need to tell about the role and industry they want to excel in. Match That Role takes that information and provides a comprehensive skills and learning path that is required to get there. So for instance, I said that i want to be a “Data Analyst”. Match That Role AI provided me with comprehensive list of key areas to focus on to excel in the role of Data Analyst.

Becoming a Data Analyst - Match That Role Recommendations

How Does Match That Role Work?

Users provide their CV and their desired job title or industry. Match That Role analyzes these inputs against its extensive occupational database using NLP and machine learning algorithms. It then generates a personalized report with insights on suitability, skill gaps to fill, and clear tips to progress their career.

Use Cases

  • Job seekers can better understand qualifications needed for aspirational roles.
  • Employees can identify skill gaps to fill to be eligible for internal promotions.
  • Career switchers can evaluate feasibility and steps to transition into a new industry.
  • College students can determine skill building needed to enter chosen career path.


Match That Role is completely free as of now. There are no premium plans or any kind of charges that users need to pay. However, it does require users to sign up for the platform to be able to use it.


For anyone looking to achieve career growth and new roles, Match That Role is an invaluable tool. By providing data-driven and personalized career advice, it empowers users with insights to make strategic skilling and career decisions. For people who have a dream role and would like to know how what they need to do to get there, Match That Role is an excellent starting point.



  • Resume parsing to extract skills and experience
  • Job description evaluation for required qualifications
  • Intelligent profile-to-job matching
  • Personalized job recommendations
  • User-friendly interface and sign-up
  • Free to use

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