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eSpark is an adaptive supplemental curriculum for K-5 math and reading that uses AI to provide a personalized learning experience for each student. eSpark’s playful activities engage students while helping them master standards at their own pace and level.

The adaptive pathway tailors instruction and practice to each learner’s needs, adapting in real time based on their progress. This ensures an optimal challenge level without teacher intervention.

Teachers can also assign targeted mini-lessons on specific skills, giving students differentiated instruction in areas needing reinforcement. These Small Group Skills lessons include instructional videos, practice activities, and mastery quizzes.

eSpark’s AI capabilities, like the Choice Texts reading activities, leverage natural language processing to build customized passages tailored to students’ interests and backgrounds. This kind of personalization keeps kids motivated and accelerates growth.

For teachers, eSpark provides robust analytics through student progress reports and weekly recommendation emails. This data offers insights into learning gaps, celebrates growth, and suggests intervention opportunities.

By supplementing the core curriculum with eSpark’s blend of engagement, personalization, and actionable analytics, students and teachers can work together to achieve full mastery.



  • Adaptive pathway tailors instruction to student level
  • Differentiated activities keep kids engaged through play
  • Small Group Skills lessons target specific standards
  • AI-powered reading passages customize to student interests
  • Actionable analytics identify learning gaps
  • Daily intervention and celebration recommendations
  • Aligns to state and national standards
  • Effective for intervention, enrichment, acceleration
  • Proven to improve student outcomes

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