Similar to mainstream AI writing tools such as WordHero, Jasper, and Copy.AI


    Localio AI offers similar features to many mainstream ai writing tools such as Jasper. The interface is pretty simple with a bunch of templates to choose from. As for quality, it is okay; not the best, not the worst. The core reason behind that is all these tools mostly rely on same AI models and many of the latest AI writers are using GPT 3.5 and 4. So, the quality of content is pretty much the same.
    The only plus point I see when it comes to Localio AI is its pricing. Currently the founders are offering lifetime deal which start from $33 per month and prices go up based on plans. With these lifetime deals, users don’t have to pay on monthly basis. Compared to the pricing of japser, or WordHero, this seems like a blessing.
    All in all, Localio AI is a pretty decent decent AI content writer with various templates and integrations. IF you are new to AI content generation, this can be the perfect place to start.