NightCafe offers both free and premium plans + the community aspect is absolutely amazing


    I have tried and tested several AI image generation tools so far and Nightcafe is my absolute favorite. When I signed up, I got some free credits along with 10 pro generations with SDXL 1.0 model, and it was simple yet mind blowing.
    Till date, I have not spent even a single sent because I create images, share them with community, and get free credits for different tasks. Then, there are also free credits for logging in every day. You can just login and claim free credits.
    There are also daily competitions and if you win or even if you are among top 10%, you get up to 500 free credits.
    As for usage, your credit cost will vary based on the model you are using. For instance, if I am using SDXL 0.9 with medium quality image, it costs me 3 credits. At the same time, if I use Dall-E-2, it costs a little less credits. But overall, NightCafe is so much fun and the image generation quality is mind blowing.