D-ID is a very good option for creating talking avatars


    The latest features in D-ID such as Avatar generation, GPT3 integration for script writing, and head and eye movements make it really effective. However, if you are using your own avatar and it happens to have a body, not just a portrait shot, it looks really odd that the head is moving and the body is not.

    Also, if we talk about the premium pricing, it is super expensive. I mean $108 per month for 100 minutes if you want to make commercial videos, it is kinda insane. At the same time, if you compare it to video production and the efforts and costs you have to put in to get someone to talk in front of a camera, It probably makes sense. However, since most of the users are just experimenting with it to make YouTube videos or how-to tutorials for their blogs, it is a lot of money.

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