Character AI is Free, offers a lot of options, and is so much fun


    First Impressions:
    Right off the bat, I was impressed with the sheer variety of characters available. From celebs to anime icons, the list is endless. You can talk to different characters such as Elon musk, Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, and many others along with several fictional characters such as Jon Snow. Even there is Character Assistant that can help you with your work and study tasks.
    And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can whip up your own character. I tried creating “Luna,” a space-loving, sassy AI with a penchant for dad jokes. The customization options are chef’s kiss. Name, personality, interests – you name it, you can tweak it.

    Chatting Experience:
    The neural language processing is no joke. Luna and I had some pretty epic banter. It genuinely felt like I was chatting with a real (albeit quirky) person. The responses were snappy, and the flow felt natural. It’s wild to think that I was essentially having a conversation with lines of code.

    Safety First:
    Now, I’ve seen some chatter online about Character AI’s content filters. While I get the desire for unfiltered chats, I appreciate the platform’s commitment to keeping things clean. Safety first, right? But hey, Character AI, if you’re reading this, maybe consider a toggle option for us adults? Just a thought! 😉

    Is it Worth the $$?
    While you can totally enjoy Character AI for free, I decided to splurge on the subscription. For $9.99/month, my chats were faster, and I got some cool early access features. If you’re as obsessed with AI as I am, it’s worth the upgrade.